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Biff's Automotive Detailing offers the highest quality results for our Arizona clients.  Our tools, product choices, and techniques separate our results from the competition.  The process is personable and customized to your needs.  Because every vehicle differs by make/model, size, physical condition, age, environmental interaction, and so on, we start with an on-site inspection of the vehicle at no cost to you to determine our best recommendations and from there create a selection of services that will achieve your desired results. From our 1.21 GigaWash to IGL Coatings Ceramic Paint Protection, Biff's Automotive Detailing promises to bring your car to a state of pristine yet to be seen!  Scroll through some of our services below or click on the button to submit your request for a free consultation.


Exterior Wash Service - Our Most Popular!

- Wheel & Tire Decontamination

- Bug Removal

- Foam Cannon Soap Wash

- Spot-Free Deionized Water

- High GSM Quality Microfiber Towels

- Door Jamb Cleaning

- Touch-less Drying

- 3 Month Paint Protection Sealant 

- Tire Shine w/ UV Protection

- Dedicated Professional Equipment

- Exceptional Techniques in Applied Wash Methods

- Highest Quality Products from Professional Detailing Brands

Starting at $65 for cars / light trucks - Starting at $85 SUV & Full size vehicles


Full Interior Cleaning

-  Multi-Step Soil Removal & Carpet Treatment
-  Full Wipe-down and Sanitizing of All Surfaces
-  Steam Cleaning (As Needed)
-  Fabric/Leather Seat Care
-  Glass Surface Cleaning
-  Plastic/Vinyl Treatment w/ UV Protection
-  Instrument/Nav Screen Cleaning
-  Floor Mat Care

 - Interior Fragrance (Ask for Selection)
-  Professionally trained by Meguiars®

-  Voted Best Interior Detailing in Arizona!

Starting at $150 for most vehicles - ADD-ON upholstery shampoo starting at $275* please allow extra work time


Interior Disinfection & Odor Removal - Add the Highest Level of Germ-Killing Treatment!

Eliminate odors, viruses, fungi, bacteria, and mold spores living inside your vehicle. Odor bombs, ionizers and aerosol sprays are ineffective and just mask odors and odor causing bacteria.  

We kill them ensuring you and your passengers remain healthy! 

This treatment is effective at killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and sanitizing both hard and porous surfaces.

Starting at $70 for most vehicles ( *Add-On to Interior Service Only)


Upgraded Final Protection

Protect your investment and treat your vehicle to something special with upgraded final protection offering a show-stopping finish by IGL Coatings!  Not the strength of a true ceramic coating, but all of the water-repelling properties at a fraction of the cost!

-  Professional-grade concourse wax and ceramic sealant options
-  Hand-applied to ensure even application
-  Increased protection & longevity over 'base' exterior protection (up to 6 months)
-  We offer upgraded options for both show & daily driver use!

ADD-ON to any 1.21 Gigawash - $125-$150


Enjoy huge cost savings over regular prices while refreshing your vehicle once a month! 

The discounts are available after your first service OR for brand new vehicles (current model year). 

Spots are limited, so ask for details on how to sign up during your next appointment! 

1x Per Month Exterior Treatment Includes :

- Foam Cannon Soap Wash & Wax

- Bug Removal

- Spot-Free Deionized Water

- High GSM Quality Microfiber Towels

- Door Jamb Cleaning

- Touch-less Drying

- Tire Shine w/ UV Protection

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP $625 for cars / light trucks - $750 SUV / Full size vehicles

*Billed monthly increments at time of service - No cancellation penalties - Drop-off appointments only

Express Interior Treatment:

-  Light Interior Wipe Down/Dusting

- Cupholder Cleaning

- Interior Touch Point Sanitizing

 - Light Vacuum of Passenger Areas

 - Interior Glass Cleaning

 - Interior Fragrance (Please ask for selection)

Only $75 Per Appt

*Available for Monthly Maintenance Customers Only - Some heavily soiled interiors may require additional services


The Highest Achievable Results Restoring Looks From The Past

We offer custom-tailored options to meet your vehicles' needs from a gloss enhancement polish to full paint correction services.  After your 1.21 GigaWash service, the vehicle undergoes a decontamination treatment to shed any remaining bonded contaminants before a panel-by-panel process of machine polishing the paint to restore clarity and shine.  Final results vary based on condition and age of vehicle's existing paint.  We are happy to include a test spot free with your 1.21 GigaWash upon request.  Enhancement Packages start as low as $300 for current model year vehicles.  Call today to learn more about this process and to schedule your free consultation.

Prices vary by project - please call to setup consultation


Future-Focused Protection & Longevity

IGL Coatings™  Authorized Installer

After a thorough polishing of the paint is performed to ensure restoring as much shine as possible, a nanoceramic coating is applied to the vehicle's exterior giving unparalleled paint protection.  No more monthly waxing as some options can last up to 3+ years!  Save time cleaning, maintain that fresh appearance longer, and retain a higher resale value for your vehicle!  We proudly offer IGL Coatings ( Learn more at )

Prices vary by project - Requires Paint Enhancement - please call to setup consultation


Showroom-Ready Cleanup

- Under hood and windshield cowl wipe down

-  Light Pressure Wash and / or steam cleaning
-  Surface wipe down w/ mild ph safe degreaser

- Brightwork cleaning & polishing
-  Manett's Mega Shine® Water-Based Final Appearance Products for all Engine Plastics, Trim & Hoses

Starting at $60 for most vehicles


Improve Your Vehicle's Appearance and Safety

- Multi-stage sanding process
- Machine compound & polish
- Nanoceramic Coating
- 1 year warranty
- Increased visibility and safety
- Save $100's over replacing headlights!

Starting at $99 for most vehicles



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