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How We Effectively Kill Germs In Your Car

Updated: Jan 23

When it comes to automotive interiors Biff's Automotive Detailing takes extensive care to provide the best possible solutions for all surfaces. From having a fundamental understanding of the ph scale with regards to surfaces and stain chemistry, to incorporating the latest tools and methods for professional-level results, the differences in our detailing services can easily be seen against our competitors even at a distance. One of those differences is our BioFresh Interior Treatment. This detailing service utilizes chlorine dioxide science, and is the final step in ensuring your vehicle interior's rejuvenated cleanliness.

BioFresh Treatment

What is Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)?

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a strong oxidizer often used in the treatment of drinking water and various functions within the food and paper industry (1). It is also used as an antimicrobial agent to sterilize hospital equipment. In 2001 it was used to kill Anthrax at The US Senate Building (2). While it shares some of its name with chlorine, their chemical properties are very different. Chlorine dioxide can be hazardous and is flammable or explosive under some conditions.

Why do we use ClO2 in our BioFresh Automotive Interior Treatment?

When used at the correct levels, ClO2 can effectively destroy bacteria, viruses, and odor causing agents (3). The ability to create on-demand ClO2 in an enclosed space such as a vehicle interior ensures complete sanitization past wiping down and disinfecting hard surfaces. Because it exists as a vaporous gas ClO2 can penetrate all porous surfaces such as carpets, seats, and headliners. It is very effective at removing smells caused by pets, smoke, food, or other sources as well. The end result leaves a fresh, inviting interior void of negative health concerns.

How Can I schedule A BioFresh Treatment?

We are happy to add this final cleanup service after any full interior detail service. To find out more about scheduling a BioFresh Interior Treatment give us a call today!

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