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The Truth About Bird Droppings on Your Car

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Some of the most aggressive damages we see to automotive paint are caused when bird droppings hit a vehicle. Because birds have no bladders, they generate uric acid to help them digest the bugs, berries, gravel, and bones in their diets. Most bird droppings have a low ph of 3-4 making them highly acidic and very aggressive for even the most durable paint protection coatings. When exposed to heat and moisture, acidic reactivity increases on the exposed surface, penetrating your vehicle's porous paint system leaving behind permanent damage (etching).

If you fall victim to such occurrences, remove the dropping immediately and neutralize the acid with a safe alkaline-based product (we use a mixture of baking soda & water) then rinse off. Using only water will reactivate the acids and continue damaging the paint, and quick-detailer sprays may contain polymers and waxes that lock it in. Keeping your vehicle clean often and protected with a wax, sealant, or nano-ceramic coating (sacrificial barriers) can minimize damage in the future.

- Matt Jackson, CD-SV



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