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Why Do We Use Deionized Water?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Our municipal water sources have some of the highest measurements of total dissolved solids (TDS) in the country. Using this impure water right from a hose for a driveway car wash can leave many minerals and spots on your vehicle's finish.

Deionized water is the result of stripping all impurities from a water source through an ion exchange process involving tanks filled with a special resin media. It is used in laboratories, manufacturing, nuclear facilities, and automotive applications such as professional detailing. Also called water polishing, washing vehicles with DI water adds that essential spot-free finish for high quality results.

Common impurities removed through the deionization process include:

Calcium (Ca++) Chlorides (Cl-) Magnesium (Mg++) Sulfates (SO4--) Iron (Fe+++) Nitrates (NO3-) Manganese (Mn++) Carbonates (CO3--) Sodium (Na+) Silica (SiO2-) Hydrogen (H+) Hydroxyl (OH-)

Obviously there is a cost associated with generating this ultra-pure form of water, but we feel the investment into high-quality resources reaffirms our commitment to exceptional results!

💦💦We proudly offer deionized water for all of our detailing services. 💦💦



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